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TricomVoIP - Must have Integration Software for the Yeastar PBX and PBX's running Asterisk Versions 11 & 13

What is TricomVoIP?

TricomVoIP Desktop is innovative CTI Phone enhancement software developed in house to satisfy the needs of our clients who use the Yeastar’s "U" (MyPBX) Series or “S” series of PBX’s or systems based on Asterisk.

Used in conjunction with your existing IP Phone hardware TricomVoIP Desktop integrates with Yeastar & Asterisks PBX's and provides an interactive dialer with interfaces into your Outlook Contacts or CRM systems like HubSpot and or multiple LDAP Address Books

Why TricomVoIP Desktop ?

Better communication, reduce the cost of phone hardware down as it negates the need for the more expensive & larger desk phones and is packed with features.

Click to Dial Number detection plugins for Chrome & Firefox on any web page. Microsoft’s Edge already  has the feature built in.

Caller ID Pop up Notification of incoming calls with and options to Ignore the call or Lookup the Contact. You can also call monitor other extensions. The call popup as displayed is further enhanced when used in conjunction with our phone interface drivers.

Contacts - Easily manage multiple contact directories inside TricomVoIP to make dialing contacts easier. Directories from sources such as Outlook, Multiple LDAP address books, CRM etc.

Status Monitor - (BLF) list of internal extensions. -  visually know the availability of extensions before reaching them.

Call Status & Control - timer and current status of user extension,  

History -
caller & callee history with date, time and length of call. 

Easy Transfer - Easily transfer calls using a friendly interface

Integrations - HubSpot CRM, Outlook, Yealink. More coming soon.

Caller Lookup - Launch contact windows from external sources such as Outlook and CRMs. Have all the contact information loaded before answering the call.

Custom versions & branding - Contact us to discuss specialized versions with custom features

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Getting Started

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions
How does the licensing work?

Our pricing model is on the left of this page. Licenses are per user of TricomVoIP and for the life time of the version. This means updates within the version are free TricomVoIP.

What if I have more than 10 people using TricomVoIP?

A CTI Client / Server option for systems that have 10 extensions or more.

What is a CTI Server, why do I need one and how do I get one?

A CTI Server takes the strain off the PBX and acts as a proxy between the PBX's AMI and TricomVoIP. Tricom can provide a CTI server in various options don't hesitate to contact us - this includes as an exe to run on a server / desktop. The is plan to develop this as an built in integration for TricomVoIP

Custom Phone / PBX Drivers & Development

Custom Phone Drivers - TricomVoIP does not need phone drivers to operate however additional functionality is unlocked if used, please contact us or submit a support ticket with the Brand & Model of your phone or phones and we will provide if the phone supports.

Price per PC / User Copy

1 - 20USD $39.00 ea
21 - 50USD $37.00 ea
51 - 100USD $35.00 ea
101 - 300USD $33.00 ea
300 +Call

Prices exclude Goods & Services Tax (GST) applicable to New Zealand based purchases.

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