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Call Reporting Software for Yeastar PBX / Cloud PBX

What is TricomVoIP - CDRM?

A user friendly call reporting tool that can produce advance call metrics reports - Easy Setup only requires PBX URL, User and Password. No use of API, AMI or SQL. 

Why TricomVoIP CDRM ?

Break down call data, track sales progress, Click the blue links to see more info or checkout the tutorial /  Knowledge base section

Extra Fields  With 48 Fields per phone call.

Recordings - Simply download 1 or more recorded phone calls with ease. Manage recordings, add notes and play back recordings.

 CDR Search - Search the PBX's CDR log without limitations, print or easily export to Excel 

CDR Reports - Built in Reports created by CDR Search data.

Live Dashboard -
Live Dashboard with various metrics  

Settings - 
Customize TricomVoIP to suite your needs, set auto refresh times, peak periods and Window Style and color 

Integrations - Integrations from TricomVoIP Desktop are coming soon. Such as Contacts

Custom Versions & Branding - Contact us to discuss specialized versions with custom features

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Download FREE (no adware) Fully functional 30 day trial

One Off license fees for 10 to 50 Extensions, free support & updates for your current version,
upgrades to the latest version 40% of the current version price.  

10 Extensions / 2 UsersUSD $299.00Life Time License
20 Extensions / 3 UsersUSD $329.00Life Time License
30 Extensions / 5 UsersUSD $399.00Life Time License
40 Extensions / 8 UsersUSD $449.00Life Time License
50 Extensions / 10 UsersUSD $499.00Life Time License

Subscription Fees for 10 to 2000 extensions, includes free support, upgrades & updates

10 Extensions / 2 UsersUSD $16.00per month
20 Extensions / 3 UsersUSD $25.00per month
30 Extensions / 5 UsersUSD $33.00per month
40 Extensions / 8 UsersUSD $41.00per month
50 Extensions / 10 UsersUSD $50.00per month
100 Extensions / 12 UsersUSD $83.00per month
200 Extensions / 20 UsersUSD $125.00per month
300 Extensions / 25 UsersUSD $167.00per month
500 Extensions / 40 UsersUSD $251.00per month
1000 Extensions / 50 UsersUSD $419.00per month
2000 Extensions / 100 UsersUSD $754.00per month
Additional Users for existing licenseUSD $4.00per month

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