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How To: Enable HubSpot Integration

1 year 11 months ago - 1 year 11 months ago #3 by James
Summary: This tutorial will teach you how to enable the HubSpot integration to load your HubSpot contacts into TricomVoIP, log incoming and outgoing calls in HubSpot and Lookup contacts in HubSpot

In this tutorial I will be using HubSpot CRM Free & Tricom VoIP • Desktop.

Step 1:

Firstly we need to set a API key in HubSpot and get our Company ID

• Login to your HubSpot account and click your company name on the top right. or in the old menu: your circular profile picture.

• Click the option: "Integrations"

• On the left menu select option: "HubSpot API Key"

• If you already have an API Key click "Show Key" if not click "Create new Key"

• Select the key and copy your API Key to the the clipboard. It should be in a format like: xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx

• In TricomVoIP - Desktop. Navigate to settings by clicking on the cog under history and then click "Advance Settings"

• Navigate to the "Addons" tab and select "HubSpot CRM"

• Enable HubSpot Integrations and paste your API Key in the text box provided

• Click "Save"

Step 2:

Set the Company ID.

• Login to your HubSpot account. In the old menu your company ID will be at the top right of your screen. If you have the new menu you will find the company ID by clicking your company name in the top right. It will be a long number.

• In Tricom VoIP navigate to HubSpot settings as described in step 1.

• Enter your company ID in the box provided

• Click "Save"

Step 3:

Next we need to set the owner ID.

• In Tricom VoIP after completing step 1 and 2. Navigate to HubSpot settings again and click the button "Get Owners"

• Select your name from the drop down box provided.

• Modify logging options by clicking the tab heading in the HubSpot settings page.

• Click "Save"

Step 4:

Enable HubSpot contacts as a contact source/lookup method.

• Navigate to Tricom VoIP settings as described in step 1. this time choose the contacts tab

• Enable HubSpot as a contact source by checking the box next to HubSpot in the list view.

• Set the "Lookup" button to open HubSpot contacts by navigating to the "Lookup" tab in TricomVoIP advance settings.

• Select "HubSpot" as Lookup action

• Save and test functionality.