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How To: Yealink Integration

1 year 10 months ago #14 by James
Summary: This tutorial will guide you through how to enable Yealink integration in TricomVoIP

Step 1: Open Advance Options

Launch TricomVoIP and enter advance options

• Start TricomVoIP - Then navigate to options tab by clicking the cog below the heading 'History'

Step 2: Enter Yealink integration settings

• Click "Addons Tab" then the "Yealink" button

Step 3:

• Fill in the options you want enabled, Yealink phone IP address and username/password - you can click the "Test" button to verify your settings. Clicking test should play a tone on the phone.

Step 4: Enable "Action URI" / remote control on your Yealink phone

• If you have not already done this you may need to enable remote control on your Yealink phone

• Login to your Yealink phone by navigating to its IP address in your favorite browser

• Click Features tab then remote control on the left hand menu

• Enter your computers IP address in the textbox: "Action URI allow IP list" or type ANY

• Click "Confirm" then test your settings in TricomVoIP by pressing the test button

Step 5: Important

• First time pressing "Test" or using the integration, your Yealink phone will ask to confirm remote control. It will only do this once.