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How To: Click 2 Dial

1 year 10 months ago #11 by James
How To: Click 2 Dial was created by James
Summary: This tutorial will teach you how use Click 2 Dial for TricomVoIP

Step 1:

Important - Launch TricomVoIP as administrator once

• Right click TricomVoIP icon and choose Run as Administrator - This will install TricomVoIP as a valid TEL: protocol handler

• Open Advance Settings button

• In Advance Settings, enter the addons tab

• In Addons tab click the button: "Click 2 Dial"

• Check "Enable Click 2 Dial Integration" to enable Click 2 dial feature
• Click "Click here to install addon" for each browser required (Chrome/FireFox)
• Click "Home" then "Save" to save settings

Step 2:

Open browser after installing Click2Dial addon/extension

• Setup Extension in Chrome/Firefox

• For Google Chrome. Right click the phone icon in the top right of Chrome

• After Right clicking the phone icon in Chrome you will get the menu above.

• In the menu click Options

Step 3:

• Enable Protocol Replacement and put a check next to each protocol (dial:, callto:, sip: etc)

• Click save and exit the options window

• In Google Chrome, Browse to

• After a phone number you will notice a icon of a phone. Click the telephone icon to dial that number on your phone, For the first time Chrome will ask you which application to open this with

• In the selection box provided choose "TricomVoIP" and check the box to remember/always use this option

• Phone numbers on web pages in Chrome will now have a icon of a phone next to them, clicking the icon will dial the number on your phone. If you want to disable this feature at anytime click the button mentioned earlier in Step 3 to toggle number detection on and off

• In the event you find regular numbers are being detected as phone numbers you can increase the min / max amount in the options menu back earlier in Step 3

• Note this extension is 3rd party freeware.