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Update 21/06/2018 version:

1 year 11 months ago - 1 year 11 months ago #5 by James

Bug fixes:

Fix: Dialing number from right click menu in HubSpot contact and company.
Fix: Enable MyStatus by default
Fix: Smoother Outlook/Local searching.
Fix: Load users status first before getting other extension status

New Features:

Feature: Open in Outlook, Copy number to clipboard menu
Feature: Search for extension by name/number in status window
Feature: Search in transfer menu by name/number. Also press enter to transfer.

Coming in next release:

Feature Request: Sort extension status window by status
Feature Request: HubSpot integration - Option to add call log after adding new contact
Feature Request: HubSpot integration - Update ID of added users without having to refresh HubSpot contacts
Feature Request: HubSpot integration - Update contacts from recently updated contacts

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